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Excellence… it takes homework

  February 23, 2016

Excellence… Is a moving target. It changes, grows and morphs. Excellence does not always happen in the spotlight. It takes a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Like attending cadaver labs to train on operative techniques. Medtronic, the worlds largest medical device company and one of our partners in various therapies, helps us stay on the cutting edge. Medtronic is unique in that they can bring cadaver labs to the physician. Using 18 wheelers that are fully equipped labs with multiple operating stations, c-arms (fr image guidance), and all necessary instrumentation. On a recent trip to Little Rock, Pain Treatment Centers of America Physicians were offered time in the lab and to practice their techniques for advanced interventional pain therapies such as spinal cord stimulation, intrathecal drug delivery (pain pumps), and kyphoplasties. Dr. Siddiqui, the most experience with these procedures, leads group discussion and lab where all interested physicians get time with the cadaver. Again, this is one of the many ways we strive for excellence. We want our physicians to be as skilled as possible when you get on the table for a procedures. Excellence …. doesn’t just happen it requires homework…. like this.

Medtronic Mobile Cadaver Lab in Little Rock, AR
Dr. Mikhail Ivanovsky (left) and Dr. Ahmad Rafi in the Medtronic Cadaver Lab
Dr. Meraj Siddiqui in the Medtronic Cadaver Lab

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