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Balance .. not as easy as it sounds…

  May 13, 2016

Balance…. it’s not as easy as it sounds…. our own Dr. Carl Covey, was featured in this article about the over AND UNDER prescription of opiate painkillers. If you are hurting… it’s worth a read. If you feel you need an appointment please call 501-773-6993 for an initial consultation.


Dr. Covey noted….
“Primary care physicians are just downright scared of any opiate medicines, and it is going to get worse with the new CDC guidelines,” Covey said. “Many won’t prescribe opiates, or if they write them, will write them for only three days. They will try to get patients to take aspirin or Tylenol, but you would be surprised how many people can’t take these. And many people are at risk from taking too much Tylenol. For a lot of these folks, opiates are the safest medicine. Primary care doctors do not need to fear taking good care of patients. They just need to be smarter and more careful about the volume of medicine they prescribe.”

Covey said when a patient comes in and is suffering, physicians need to help them by being a mentor, giving good advice and prescribing the appropriate medicine.

Opiate pain medicines work very, very well and are very safe from a toxicity standpoint, Covey said, so patients shouldn’t be denied the medicine because a small percentage of people will develop a psychological addiction to the medicine. And care needs to be taken to prevent a patient becoming ill from suddenly stopping opiate painkillers because they can no longer get a prescription.

“Even if you have been on an opiate painkiller for just a few days, it is important to taper off of it,” Covey said. “Don’t suddenly stop the medicine because you will feel really crappy. Always taper off just like with benzodiazepines and steroids.”

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