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Intrathecal Pain Pump Trials/Management

  October 30, 2018

If you have chronic pain or cancer pain that has failed to respond to other methods of treatment, we encourage you to look into an intrathecal pain pump. An intrathecal pain pump can help abate pain when other types of pain care have not worked or have caused severe side effects. Click "Read More" to find information about intrathecal pain pump trials and implementation. 

Improve Your Pain Management By Keeping a Pain Journal

  October 16, 2018

A pain journal can help you get the specialized pain management you deserve by helping you record and track all of the symptoms associated with your chronic pain. Click "Read More" to learn how to improve your chronic pain with the use of a pain journal. 

Epidural Steroid Injections

  September 26, 2018

Epidural Steroid Injections (ESIs) are relatively painless needle-based procedures used to reduce inflammation and irritation around specific nerves in the neck, mid-back or lower back. Click "Read More" to learn more about this procedure. 

Understanding Fibromyalgia

  September 13, 2018

Fibromyalgia is the second most common condition that affects your muscles and bones; yet, it is also one of the most misunderstood and challenging disorders to correctly diagnose due to its broad, unspecific grouping of symptoms. Click "Read More" to learn about this debilitating disorder. 

Nature Walks Near White Hall, AR

  August 27, 2018

Walking outdoors is a fun, easy way to alleviate physical pain while improving your mood. Fortunately, Arkansas is full of scenic walking and hiking trails that will motivate you to get moving as you explore their beauty! Click "Read More" to learn about some beautiful nature trails near White Hall! 

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